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Start Today by encouraging child to take the online FREE interest Assessment test worth Rs.1500/-

Did you know?

That there are 250+ career choices, each linked to different interest areas of individuals.

That you can be in the IT industry without a background in maths or science

UX Designer

That you can join an MBA post 12th

IIM Indore has a 5 year integrated MBA degree

That you can earn a high salary by studying History

Curator / IFS Officer

That you can join IIT without background in maths or science

5 year English degree at IIT chennai

That you can be a part of the IT industry with a background in English

Content Writer

The Interest Assessment is the
First step in Finding a Child's True Career Path.

We have simplified the complex process of making career decisions with our 3D methodology.
Lodestar conducts a preliminary discussions with the parent and child. We then begin the journey of the 3D's:

Session 1


Psychometric test to
analyse child's Interest
and Strengths
Explore comprehensive
career reports
from 250+ Career's.

Session 2


Career Mapping Shortlist
Education Path
Eligibility Criteria

Session 3


Final 2 Career Choices
Entrance Exams
Stream & Electives

Step 1 : Enter Your Details And Submit
Step 2 : Take Students Assessment Test
Click here

Start today by encouraging your child to take the online FREE Interest Assessment test worth Rs.1500/-

FREE Interest Assessment test will help you understand child's career interest & key personality codes in a report which will be mailed on completion of online test.

About Lodestar

Lodestar is India's first Career Guidance company that uses a scientific approach to enable parents to make Smart Decisions for their children with respect to career, stream, college, exam and tutorial. Parents from over 100 leading schools in Bangalore have made a Smart Career Decision with Lodestar. Our program offers exposure to over 250+ exciting career options, Expert Guidance by trained guidance specialists, individual Attention to each child and a complete Career plan at the end of the program.