"The overall experience of Lodestar Career Guidance program was amazing. All our queries were answered without any hesitation. The counselor who guided us throughout the program was very enthusiastic . I would surely recommend about Lodestar to other parents."

Ram Prakash, Parent
(Greenwood high)

"Thank you Lodestar for the great career guidance program. We had earlier attended such types of programs, but your career guidance program is truly exceptional and very informative. The approach quality and guiding capability of your counselor is really appreciable. Furthermore, data collected by your research team are informative. Overall the experience with your program was very good!"

Toufiqul, Parent
(Al Ameen Residential School)

'Hats off to Lodestar for the range of career options they laid out on the table for my son. The volume of research they have done into different careers is amazing. I appreciate the skill sets of their team, the follow-up and the team spirit.'

Santhosh, parent
(Innisfree House School)

'We thank the Lodestar team for offering such a wonderful program. This program has definitely helped my son arrive at a career decision. The information and reports provided during the course of the program was very comprehensive and well-researched. I would definitely recommend this program to other parents'

Hemant Joshi, parent
(Shiksha Sagar High School)

'It is imperative that we guide our children into careers that suit them best, rather than impose our limited knowledge upon them. The Lodestar program allows us to understand the width of options that are possible and it then guides us with a well-researched methodology. I strongly feel the Lodestar program should be part of the formal education system to enable children to understand career options better and to provide a path to get there. I highly recommend this program to parents'

Shantanu, parent
(Deens Academy)

"I'm really happy with the solution offered by Lodestar. With exposure to over 250 careers and a comprehensive career plan from career to college, they have truly enabled us to make a smart career decision for our child."

Anil, Parent

"We were clueless in terms of the currently available study choices, career options and the opportunities those careers could provide in monetary and lifestyle terms. Lodestar Career Guidance program could provide plethora of information in a structured manner enabling us to take appropriate decisions. The interaction with the career guidance specialist serves as a second opinion for the student thereby reducing parental pressure and biases towards the task of identifying right career."

Narendranath pai, Parent

"The overall experience with Lodestar was very good. The program provided a range of options open for my daughter Kristina, and more over helped her to decide the way forward. It gave us a better understanding of the number of opportunities available with different study programs. An exceptional program recommended to all students who are yet to firm up their career choices."

Korath Abraham, Parent
(Deens Academy)

"The Lodestar Career Guidance Program was very useful for me and my daughter, Arpitha. The information about occupations and colleges were insightful. The counselor who conducted the sessions for us was very helpful. Please continue this program!"

Srivathsa malavalli, Parent

Parents come with myths.
And leave with confidence

There are many myths when it comes to making a career decision.

Myth #1: Engineering is a stable career.
Reality: Due to an unstable or slow-growing economy, millions of engineers struggle to get placed every year.

Myth #2: Engineering jobs pay the best.
Reality: Not anymore. Today, there are many jobs that pay just as well, from nutritionists and content editors to insurance actuaries and UX designers.

Myth #3: Choose science and become an engineer. What other guidance is needed?
Reality: There are several decisions to be made, from stream and college to exam and tutorial.

Myth #4: I can choose a subject based on my child’s strengths.
Reality: A child’s strengths need not always lead to successful careers. Moreover, strengths can change over time.

Myth #5: Eventually, my child will find the right career.
Reality: A U-turn later in life can be much harder, besides costing time and money.

Authentic data and a scientific approach can solve the confusion and help parents make a smart decision!