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As parents, we are always trying to provide the best for our children. Indians value education very highly and try to provide the best environment and support for our children to identify the best careers and courses for them. The best careers and courses are those that they will find interesting, that will be suitable for them and have a good scope – a stable income and growth opportunities. While a plethora of new courses and colleges are available today, engineering education still remains the most popular study path. Related to this, deciding on the best engineering course to pursue is very important for the career.

Are all engineering courses the same?

Many parents think that all engineering courses are the same and focus on the college rather than the actual course that the student is going to study. While B Tech in Agricultural and Food Engineering from IIT Kharagpur is a fantastic course, if your child wants to become a Chip Design engineer, this is not the right course. Opting for this course just because it is IIT will result in a very different career path for your child.

How should we choose an engineering course?

Choosing an engineering course will always come after deciding on the career option. The right career option takes into consideration the child’s Personality, Interest and Aptitude. And the right course is one which leads to this career path. As mentioned above, not all engineering courses are the same. If student wants to design and work in the automobile field, a civil engineering degree will be useless in this regard.


Should I pick a general or specialised engineering course?

Some general engineering courses can lead to many different career choices. e.g., Mechanical engineering degree can lead to a career path in manufacturing while also keeping open masters degree options in automobile, aerospace and aeronautical engineering.  But today, the tide seems to be turning in favour of  specialised UG engineering courses available to students who are focussed on a specific area and do not want to waste time studying other things. eg., B Tech in Avionics engineering, B Tech in Artificial intelligence etc. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a specialised engineering degree?

The advantages of a specific specialisation in engineering are –

  1. It allows students to learn subjects they are interested in
  2. It gives an early exposure to the interest area
  3. Employers are looking for employees who can start contributing early and need less training time

The disadvantages of a specialised degree are – 

  1. It limits the ability to keep options open for longer
  2. If student is not fully aware, there are chances that they end up with a course they are not interested in
  3. If the industry or sector stagnates at the time of graduation, it is very difficult to find a job

What are some of the engineering courses of the future?

The top engineering courses of the future are spread across various industries and sectors. We have listed here (in no particular order) the top engineering courses of the future –

  • B Tech in Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Machine learning
  • B Tech in embedded systems & wearable technologies
  • B Tech in Material Sciences & metallurgy
  • B Tech in Renewable energy and Sustainable energy engineering
  • B Tech in smart mobility design & engineering

Let us look at each of these areas in detail below – 

What is B Tech in Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Machine learning?

 B Tech in AI & Data Science or AI & ML are the common combination of engineering degrees offered by colleges and universities. Some IITs and NITs offer this along with various private colleges. Application of AI in various fields like healthcare, education, finance and agriculture are the driving force behind these courses.

What is B Tech in embedded systems & wearable technologies?

B Tech in Embedded systems deal with a system within a system. E.g.., the electronic systems controlling the rolling up and down of windows in a car are examples of embedded systems. Similarly a wearable technology like a smart watch or a smart glass has many systems embedded in it to make it function smoothly. Some reputed colleges offer a degree at the UG level in embedded systems, while most offer an embedded systems degree at the PG level.

What is B Tech in Material Sciences & metallurgy?

While Material sciences and metallurgy are not exactly new fields, new applications and uses of these fields are being found daily. E.g.., can be a new type of material to make a lightweight space suit that also protects astronauts from radiation in space. Lab grown diamonds that are equally strong and durable have the capacity to change the dependencies of industries on natural diamonds, which are shrouded in ethical controversies.

What is B Tech in Renewable energy and Sustainable energy engineering?

Renewable energy and sustainability are the single most important new area of engineering likely to have an impact on all our futures. The push towards these technologies are giving rise to courses to supply a qualified workforce for these fields. While only a handful of colleges are currently offering degrees in this area, this number is likely to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming year.

What is B Tech in smart mobility design & engineering?

Mobility is the new buzzword in the transportation industry. Many automobile companies identify themselves as mobility companies now meaning the focus is not only on traditional automobiles, but also new age EV cars and two wheelers. Even the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), i.e., drones fall under the ambit of mobility design and engineering now. Many colleges are completely revamping their traditional degree in automobile engineering to include these developments now.


This article aims to shed light on the various new age engineering options available for students today along with the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a specialised engineering degree. It is important to keep pace with the times while aiming for a future-secure career. 

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