4 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing a Stream

4 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing a Stream
4 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing a Stream

Choosing a stream is a major dilemma that students face during class 10. In a rush to not miss application deadlines, many students do not put in a lot of thought while making this decision. Ironically, this decision builds the foundation of a good career path and defines academic goals. The chosen stream not only decides the subjects to be studied in class 11, but can also aid you in preparing for various entrance exams after class 12.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind before choosing a stream after class 10:

The *BEST* stream does not exist

That’s right! There is no one stream to rule them all! Each stream – be it arts, commerce, or science – is uniquely suited to different careers. Not just that, each stream equips a student with different skill-set. For instance, traditionally, science is considered to be the best stream by some. However, someone who aspires to become a chartered accountant will benefit more by taking up commerce.

Think about the long haul

Deciding on a stream is not just a decision that will affect a student in class 11 and 12. You must think about the entire journey, till your career destination, before you make a choice about the stream. Your chosen stream must strengthen your skills and aptitude so that you are prepared to beat the competition ahead and forge a successful career.

Take an inter-disciplinary approach

Spurred by globalization and technological advancements, the world is changing rapidly. New industries are evolving and, with them, they are opening up new and exciting career opportunities. Unlike before, an expertise in one subject is not enough. Careers of today are highly inter-disciplinary. For example, if you want to pursue a career as a biochemist, it is important that you take a stream that has both chemistry and biology as electives. This will help you build the foundation for your further studies.

Don’t follow the herd

The traditional mind-set that arts stream is for students who have performed poorly in academics is fallacious at best. Most often, parents, peers, and relatives pressurize students to choose streams that are perceived to be popular without considering whether the streams are in line with a student’s passions, interests, skills, and aptitude. Professional career guidance is key to identifying streams that take a holistic view of the student and charting the complete roadmap for a student.

Choosing the right stream after class 10 is the first of many decisions to follow for a student. Since this is the first step, it is important that you must make the decision after doing due diligence. A wrong move after class 10 can prove a costly mistake for your career.

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