10 Awesome Careers for People who Love to Travel

Travel related careers

Gone are the days when traveling was just a hobby. Today, people who love to travel have a plethora of career options to choose from. Students are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a career related to travel. Parents wondering if these are stable career options, relax! These are very well paying too. Nothing beats the feeling of earning money doing something you love. If your child loves to see the world too, there are multiple careers for people who love to travel that are waiting for him/her to be explored.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine


1, Travel Writers

If your child loves traveling and has a knack for words, this is a career carved out for her. She can travel the world, write about her experiences and get paid for it too. Popular places to find work would be travel magazines, holiday portals and tourism websites. She can also have a travel blog of her own and earn through paid assignments and affiliate marketing. The first step in any holiday planning is to research on the internet for details like what is worth seeing, how to reach the tourist spots, where people can stay and eat close by, and any other travel tips. The art of expressing oneself well is one of the prerequisites for the job. Some of the travel blogs are so detailed and well written that the readers get the feeling of having been there themselves in person.

2. Destination Wedding Photographers

Your child can combine his love for photography and travel if he chooses to become a Destination Wedding Photographer. With people spending a lot on their weddings, it is a high paying job once you are established. People, in fact, hire multiple photographers for a wedding for different types of photographs. A photographer can specialise in candid photography or staged formal portraits. Drones are the other hot photography / video technology in today’s weddings. He can either start up on his own or join another established photographer. Attention to detail is a key element in becoming a successful Destination Wedding Photographer.

3, Retail Buyers

Many kids love shopping and playing dress up. But did you know that she can combine her interest in fashion and travel and have a successful career as a Retail Buyer. In addition to monitoring in-store inventory, retail buyers attend vendor meetings, trade shows and conferences across the world to identify industry and consumer trends, and make decisions about what products the company should sell. One of the outcomes of a retail buyers role, of late, is  the revival of many of the dying handicrafts and textile arts. While blogs and websites spread awareness, retail buyers keep the craft alive by sourcing such products and making them available to customers around the world. 

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4. Merchant Navy Engineers

If sea and adventure are your child’s calling and he does not shy away from challenges, Merchant Navy is a career made for him. He gets to travel to exotic places and paid extremely well. Merchant Navy is different from the Navy. Merchant Navy involves commercial services whereas the Navy is largely involved in the defence of a nation. Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo all over the world. While countries are still recovering from the aftermath of loss of business due to covid, there is a definite rebound in career opportunities in the Merchant Navy as they carry much of the necessities like food grains and medicines between the continents. 

5. Archaeologists

Archaeologists travel the world to recover and preserve artifacts from past human cultures. Careers in archaeology allow you to take extended trips for digs and research projects, often in remote regions of the Earth. Even today, new sites are being discovered in the cradles of the older civilisations. Many places in Europe, west Asia and the Indus valley are discovering new buildings, roads or other structures that are preserved in various degrees. Your child would need a master’s degree or a Ph.D in archaeology or anthropology, along with fieldwork experience. Common places to find work include museums, heritage agencies and government.

6. Commercial Pilots 

Commercial Pilots are the pilots in the non-air force field. They can fly passenger planes or cargo planes. Commercial pilots are one of the most high paying jobs available for students today. While it used to be cyclical in nature and depending on the state of the economy, today the role of a pilot is much more stable. One can become a pilot by undergoing the training and accumulating the requisite number of flying hours. The job requires a person to be able to read, understand and respond to situations in a short time and remain very calm under pressure. Many airlines offer a cadet pilot program, where they offer definite employment opportunities upon completion of training in return for a bond of two to three years.

7. Flight Attendants

Flight attendants are one of the most underrated career choices. People tend to think of flight attendants as nothing more than waiters and waitresses in the plane. While this is one of the aspects of the role, there is definitely more to it than meets the eye. Flight attendants have to be well versed in various emergency procedures related to health like administering the first aid, the Heimlich maneuver and CPR. They have to be familiar with the emergency protocols of the plane like crash landing, water landing etc. They have to be able to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations like someone with a knife or other kind of weapons on board. All the while maintaining a pleasing and calm demeanor. They have to have good leadership skills, presence of mind, ability to stay calm under pressure and be able to act quickly. Perks of the job include being able to travel the world and see many different countries, which is a big attraction if you like travel.

8. International Aid Workers

For the social minded students wanting to make a difference, there can be no better role than that of an international aid worker. These people volunteer and aid during humanitarian crises like natural disasters, wars etc. Organizations like MSF (Doctors without Borders) and red cross help in the war zones where others like Habitat for Humanity work in areas ravaged by floods, earthquakes or hurricanes. UN Volunteers work in developmental areas like education and women’s rights. While being called volunteers, the people are paid honorariums that are quite generous. 

9. Tour Guides or Tour Directors 

Tour guides or tour directors work with holiday planners or travel agencies planning and organizing group tours. With the increase in the number of people taking international holidays, this is a very in-demand career choice. Tour guides lead groups of visitors around sites and tour directors plan all the logistics behind the scenes. There are many different kinds of holiday packages – based on language, based on cuisines offered that a person is likely to thrive if he / she finds their niche. For example, tour companies offer tours in various languages like Gujrati, Tamil etc. Liking to work with people, keeping a good sense of humor and entertaining people are important prerequisites for this role.

10. Cruise Ship Workers

Irrespective of whether you are a people person or not, cruise ships offer a wide range of roles that you will like and enjoy if you like travel. There are roles in entertainment (performers, musicians, sound engineers, broadcast technicians), service (chef, cooks, bartenders, barista) and technical & logistical roles (marine engineers, electrical engineers, navigation specialists). Endless entertainment and excellent food along with free stay are the added advantages of working a cruise ship. The main advantage, of course, is the ability to visit and sightsee multiple cities in different countries.

These were just 10 of the many careers for people who love to travel. Irrespective of whether he/she takes up Science, Commerce or Humanities as a stream in Plus Two, there is a great career awaiting him/her.

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